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Prescription Sunglasses: Protection Meets Correction

Summer has arrived, and with it, the bright sun inviting us to spend more time outdoors. But beware: the UV rays emitted by the sun, though pleasant on the skin, can seriously damage our eyes. This is why it is important to equip ourselves with proper sunglasses, even if we wear prescription glasses.

For those with vision problems, choosing sunglasses can be complicated. Fortunately, there are several solutions that allow you to combine visual correction with UV protection.

Prescription Glasses and UV Protection

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses alleviate eye strain and ensure visual comfort in any situation and environment, thanks to technology that allows the lenses to darken and lighten as sunlight increases or decreases. These are versatile and practical solutions for those who want to protect their eyes from UV rays without sacrificing visual correction. These products offer complete protection and adapt to different needs, making the transition between indoor and outdoor environments easier.

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses offer a combination of sun protection and visual correction in a single pair of glasses. The lenses are custom-made to the wearer's prescription, ensuring clear and sharp vision while protecting the eyes from UV rays.

Clip-ons and Over-glasses

For those who prefer to use their prescription glasses, clip-ons are practical and economical options. Clip-ons attach directly to the frame of prescription glasses, transforming them into sunglasses quickly and easily. With this option, protecting your eyes from UV rays is easy and convenient without compromising visual correction.

Advantages of prescription glasses for the sun:

  • Complete UV Protection: Prescription sunglass lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, protecting your eyes from short-term and long-term damage, such as cataracts, maculopathy, and eye tumours.
  • Clear and comfortable vision: Prescription sunglass lenses are made with the same precision as regular prescription lenses, ensuring clear and comfortable vision in any light condition.
  • Wide choice of colors and styles: Like regular prescription glasses, prescription sunglass lenses are available in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any taste and personality.
  • Practical and convenient solution: With a single pair of glasses, you have both visual correction and UV protection, avoiding the need to carry two pairs of glasses.

Choosing Prescription Sunglasses:

When choosing your prescription sunglasses, it is important to consider a few factors:

  • The Shape of Your Face– Choose a frame shape that complements your face shape.
  • Lens Size: The lenses should be large enough to fully cover your eyes.
  • Lens Colour: The colour of the lenses does not affect UV protection, so you can choose the colour you prefer.
  • Your Lifestyle: If you play outdoor sports, you might need sunglasses with a sporty frame and impact-resistant lenses.

Debunking Myths About Sunglass Lenses

There are numerous myths and misconceptions about sunglass lenses and UV protection. It is important to clarify these points to ensure proper eye protection. Below, we will examine some of the most common myths about sunglass lenses.

All Dark Lenses Offer UV Protection

One of the most common myths is that all dark lenses offer protection against UV rays. The colour of the lenses is not indicative of their ability to block UV rays. Only lenses with specific UV filters, such as UV400 protection lenses, can guarantee effective protection. Dark lenses without UV protection can be more harmful because they cause the pupil to dilate, allowing more UV rays to enter the eye.

Polarized Lenses Protect Against UV Rays

Polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, and roads, improving contrast perception and reducing visual fatigue. However, polarization is not synonymous with UV protection. Polarized lenses must also have UV filters to offer complete protection against ultraviolet rays.

Sunglasses Are Not Necessary on Cloudy Days

Even on cloudy days, UV rays can penetrate through clouds and cause eye damage. Wearing sunglasses with UV400 protection is important even in low light conditions to protect your eyes from the UV rays that filter through the clouds.

Clear Lenses Cannot Offer UV Protection

Clear lenses can offer UV protection if they are equipped with UV filters. There are clear lenses specifically treated to block UV rays, providing effective protection without the need to darken vision.

Children Do Not Need Sunglasses

Children have more sensitive eyes to sunlight compared to adults, making it even more important to protect them from UV rays. It is essential for children to wear sunglasses with UV400 protection to prevent long-term eye damage.

Sunglasses with CE Marking Always Offer UV Protection

The CE mark indicates that the sunglasses meet European safety standards, but it does not necessarily guarantee UV protection. It is important to verify that the sunglasses are specifically labeled with UV400 protection to ensure they effectively block UV rays.

Sunglasses with Very Dark Lenses Are Better for Eye Protection

The intensity of the lens colour is not related to UV protection. Very dark lenses without UV filters can cause more harm than light lenses with UV400 protection. It is essential to choose lenses that offer certified UV protection, regardless of their colour.

Debunking these myths is crucial for understanding the importance of UV protection and making informed choices regarding sunglasses. The health of our eyes depends on proper protection from ultraviolet rays, and it is essential to rely on accurate information to prevent short- and long-term damage.

Protect your eyes from the sun with style and comfort!

With prescription sunglasses, you can enjoy the summer safely without sacrificing impeccable style. Visit our curated selection of sunglasses, where the product details indicate if they are suitable for prescription lenses!


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