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Eyewear Measurement: Size Guide

When choosing your new eyewear, one of the most important questions to ask is: what is the correct size for my face? Knowing this is crucial, especially if you plan to buy them online and don't have the chance to try them on.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary information, whether you already have a frame and don’t know its size or if you’re starting from scratch.

What are the important eyewear measurements?

The main eyewear measurements are:

Lens Width:
This is the horizontal distance between the two outermost points of the lenses. Standard sizes range from 40 to 60 mm for adults and from 28 to 40 mm for children. This is the size of your glasses.
Bridge Width:
This is the distance between the two lenses, measured at the nose level. Standard sizes range from 14 to 24 mm.
Temple Length:
This is measured from end to end, from the part that rests behind the ear to where it connects with the front of the glasses. Standard sizes range from 130 to 150 mm.

In addition to these measurements, the lens height, which is the vertical distance between the top and bottom edges of the lens, is also considered. While this value is less important for fit, it can be useful for evaluating the aesthetics of the glasses.

How to Find Your Eyewear Size

If you already have a pair of sunglasses or an optical frame that you wear comfortably and want to know the size, check the inside of the temple. This is the ideal starting point because you already know the frame fits your face well.

Usually, the size is indicated inside the left temple of the frame. You will find it marked with three numbers separated by dashes or spaces, for example, 50 □ 22 145.

misure occhiali

The three numbers correspond to the lens width (50 mm), the bridge width (22 mm), and the temple length (145 mm).

On, you can find the measurements for each eyewear item under the "Fit" section within the product details.

But what if you don’t have any glasses? Let's find out how to determine the right eyewear size together!

Glasses too tight or too loose?
Find the Perfect Eyewear Size for You!

Forget about the annoying pinch on your nose or temples that slide off! Finding the right size for your glasses is easy. Grab a credit card and a mirror and follow these simple steps.

A credit card has a width like the average lens of eyeglasses, so it can be a useful reference tool.

  1. Position the Card Vertically at the Center of Your Nose:
    • Small Size, narrower lenses: If the card does not cover your eye completely, you need narrower lenses, less than 48 mm.
    • Medium or Standard Size: If the card covers your eye perfectly without going beyond, a medium size, generally between 48 mm and 51 mm, is suitable.
    • Large Size, wider lenses: If the card covers your entire eye and goes beyond, you need wider lenses, usually over 52 mm.
taglia occhiali piccola
Small Size (up to 47)
If the edge of the card goes beyond the outer corner of your eye, choose a small size, no larger than 47.
taglia occhiali standard
Medium Size (48 to 51)
If it aligns with the outer corner of your eye, opt for a medium size, from 48 to 51.
taglia grande occhiali
Large Size (52 and up)
If it does not reach the outer corner and falls within your eye, a large size, from 52 and up, is ideal.

What happens if the glasses are not the right size?

Glasses too tight?

  • Tight Bridge: Do you feel annoying pressure on the bridge of your nose? The frame might be too tight.
  • Temples that Slip: Do the temples struggle to stay behind your ears and slip off? This is another sign of an insufficient size.
  • Frame Deformation: Does the frame appear bent or deformed? This can happen if the glasses are too tight for your face.
  • Headaches: A frame that is too tight can cause headaches and discomfort. If this is your case, don't hesitate to change glasses.

Glasses too loose?

  • Continuous Slipping: Do the glasses tend to slip down your nose throughout the day? This is a clear sign that the frame is too wide.
  • Excessive Space Between Temples and Ears: Is there too much space between the temples and your ears? This also indicates an improper size.
  • Feeling of Instability: Do you feel the glasses are unstable on your face? Does just a smile make them move? Don't stop smiling; you simply need a different size.

If all this seems complicated, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect size for you!

After your purchase, you can visit our store at any time to benefit from personalized frame adjustments.


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