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6 Eyewear Styles for Oval Faces: The Ultimate Guide

An oval face, characterized by harmonious proportions and delicate features, is often considered the ideal face shape. Fortunately, those lucky enough to possess this face shape have the advantage of being able to wear practically any style of glasses without restrictions. From classic and timeless shapes to more trendy and playful ones, the choice is truly wide and varied.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore together the 6 styles of glasses that best enhance the characteristics of an oval face, providing useful advice for choosing the perfect frame according to your needs and personal style.

How to Determine if You Have an Oval Face?

Identifying whether your face falls into the oval category is the first step in selecting glasses that best enhance your features. An oval face has soft and proportionate lines, characterized by a balance between the width of the forehead, cheeks, and jawline, which is slightly narrower than the widest part of the face.

To determine if your face is oval, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure the Width of the Face: The width of the cheeks should be the widest point of the face. Compare this measurement with that of the forehead and jaw to see if they are proportionate and slightly narrower.
  2. Observe the Shape of the Jawline: In oval faces, the jawline is rounded without sharp edges or pronounced angles.
  3. Consider the Length of the Face: Generally, an oval face is longer than it is wide. The length from the chin to the hairline is noticeably greater than the width between the cheeks.

In addition to these measurements, you can observe some distinctive traits that typically characterize an oval face:

  • Forehead: The forehead in an oval face is generally wider than the jaw, giving a harmonious and proportionate appearance to the face.
  • Cheeks: The cheeks are soft and rounded, devoid of sharp or protruding angles.
  • Chin: The chin takes on a delicately pointed or rounded shape, without appearing too pronounced or protruding.
  • Profile: The profile of the oval face is generally smooth and continuous, without abrupt changes in direction.

If your face exhibits the typical characteristics of an oval face, then you are indeed fortunate! This face shape is considered one of the most versatile when it comes to choosing glasses, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of styles and frames.

From timeless aviators to sensual cat-eye frames, from classic rectangles to modern squares, and even vintage rounds, the range of possibilities is truly vast.

How do you navigate through so many options? Fear not, this guide is here to help you!

If you don't recognize yourself in the description of an oval face, don't despair! There are numerous other eyewear models that can best enhance different face shapes. To discover which one is best for you, you can delve into reading our guide "How to Choose the Perfect Eyewear Based on Face Shape?", where you can compare all types of faces and find the ideal advice.

Moreover, if you desire a more personalized analysis, you can book a session of Colour Analysis and Facial Shaping with an experienced professional or utilize one of the many available online applications dedicated to choosing glasses.

And for those reading this article on mobile? A little suggestion: try using the simple "face shape" effect available on Instagram! A fun and immediate way to identify your face shape.

Celebrities with Oval Faces: Exemplifying Beauty

The oval face is often celebrated for its versatility and harmony, and it's a feature shared by many celebrities in the entertainment world, who often become style icons thanks to their ability to adapt various looks. Two glaring examples of this face shape are actor Jake Gyllenhaal and actress Megan Fox, both known for their classic charm and their ability to elegantly carry any type of glasses.

jake gyllenhaal forma del viso ovale

Jake Gyllenhaal: An American actor known for his magnetic charm and versatility, often flaunts glasses with thick and bold frames, accentuating his delicately balanced features. It's not uncommon to see him with aviator or rectangular frames, which perfectly suit his oval face shape, emphasizing his expressiveness and adding a touch of sophistication to his look.

magan fox forma del viso ovale

Megan Fox: An American actress and model, Megan Fox is famous for her statuesque beauty and harmonious features. Her oval face allows her to explore between sensual and feminine glasses, such as cat-eye frames, to more sober and elegant frames.

These examples show how, regardless of your personal style, an oval face can be enhanced by a variety of frames, offering a wide range of possibilities to express your individuality and style through glasses. Celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Megan Fox demonstrate how choosing the right frame can completely transform a look, emphasizing the natural beauty of the oval face.

Which Are the Best Eyewear for Oval Faces? A Range of Possibilities

As anticipated, the luck of those with an oval face lies in the great freedom of choice when it comes to glasses. From the most classic and timeless shapes to the trendiest and most playful ones, the range of frames suitable for this face shape is truly wide. Let's see together some types of glasses that best enhance the features of an oval face:

  1. Aviator Glasses: A timeless classic that never goes out of style. Their teardrop shape and thin metal frame add a touch of charm and personality to any look, making them perfect for both men and women. Ideal for those who desire an elegant and refined look, but also for those who want to add a bit of grit to their style.
  2. Cat-Eye Glasses: With their frame elongated outward and the raised tip, cat-eye glasses represent a very feminine and sensual model that adds a touch of glamour to the face. They are ideal for those who want to emphasize the eyes and accentuate the cheekbones, proving to be a must-have for fashion lovers who dare with a glamorous touch.
  3. Pilot Glasses: A classic and versatile model that adapts to any style. Their rounded shape and thin frame make them perfect for those who desire a sober and elegant look. Ideal for those with an elongated oval face, teardrop glasses help balance the proportions of the face and give a more serious and professional appearance.
  4. Rectangular Glasses: Perfect for those who want to add character to their face. Their square shape and bold frame make them an ideal model for those with an elongated oval face. They help balance the proportions of the face and give a more serious and professional appearance.
  5. Square Glasses: A trendy model that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Their geometric shape and thick frame make them a perfect model for those who want a bold and original look. Ideal for those with an oval face and pronounced features, square glasses help soften the angles of the face and give a more friendly and playful appearance.
  6. Round Glasses: A vintage model that is making a comeback. Their soft shape and thin frame make them a perfect model for those who want a playful and playful look. Ideal for those with an oval face and pronounced features, round glasses help soften the angles of the face and give a younger and more friendly appearance.

Choosing the Perfect Frame: Helpful Tips

In addition to knowing the models of glasses that best enhance the features of an oval face, it's important to consider some factors when choosing the perfect frame:

  • Frame Size: The frame of the glasses should be proportionate to the size of the face. If the face is small, it's advisable to choose a thin and delicate frame, while if the face is large, you can opt for a thicker and bolder frame.
  • Face Shape: In addition to the oval shape, it's important to consider the shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth. For example, if the eyes are small, it's advisable to choose a frame that helps to enlarge them, while if the nose is large, you can opt for a frame that minimizes it.
  • Personal Style: The choice of glasses frame should reflect your personal style. If you love a classic and elegant look, you can opt for a thin metal frame or tortoiseshell acetate, while if you prefer a trendier and more playful look, you can choose a colourful plastic frame or with fancy patterns.

Eyewear for Oval Faces: Explore Various Frames!

Having an oval face is a true advantage when it comes to choosing glasses. The great versatility of this face shape allows you to explore a variety of frames, from classic and timeless models to trendy and playful ones. With a bit of attention to detail and a touch of personality, it will be easy to find the perfect frame that best enhances your features and completes your look with style.


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