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July 28, 2023

3 Independent Eyewear Brands to invest in

If you are thinking of starting to put together your glasses wardrobe, the first thing to do is start your search with the pair of glasses you think you will wear the most. Compromising on the choice of frame is never the winning move and models that are too cheap risk breaking extremely easily because they are made with poor quality materials, even causing irritation to the skin.

When you decide to invest in a pair of glasses, the choice isn't just based on aesthetics: you're investing in quality craftsmanship, sustainable manufacturing processes and a better fit. With this in mind, at Ottica Rizzato we have selected three independent eyewear brands for you, which are worth your investment. Key collectible pieces, which with the right care will last a long time.


Cazal eyeglasses and sunglasses represent an icon of style and innovation in the world of eyewear: founded in 1975 by designer Carl Zalloni, the German fashion house Cazal has become famous over time for its ability to combine bold design and high quality materials, creating unique and exclusive glasses.

The main distinctive elements of Cazal glasses are the iconic design and the 18-20 Kt gold plating: the glasses have, in fact, bold lines, expressive shapes and elaborate details that make them true pieces of art to wear on the face. The designer was inspired by hip-hop culture and the artistic movements of the 80s, bringing unprecedented creative energy to the world of eyewear.

Cazal glasses have quickly become a symbol of luxury and style, favored by celebrities, musicians, and fashion icons around the world. Wearing a pair of Cazal glasses has become a hallmark of bold personality and refined taste in fashion. Not only celebrities, but also eyewear enthusiasts and fashion lovers appreciate Cazal glasses for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each pair of Cazal glasses is crafted with care and precision, reflecting the craftsmanship that has characterized the brand for over forty years.

Cazal glasses remain an undisputed icon of fashion and luxury eyewear. Their history, distinctive design and quality craftsmanship have made them coveted by eyewear enthusiasts around the world. Carl Zalloni left a lasting legacy in the fashion industry and his creative spirit lives on in the innovative designs that continue to inspire the world of eyewear. Wearing a pair of Cazal glasses is wearing a true work of art that embodies bold style and individuality.



Cutler and Gross is a British luxury eyewear brand known for its high-quality, handcrafted eyeglasses and sunglasses. Founded in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, the company has earned a reputation over time for its unique designs with a classic style: each pair of glasses is made with attention to detail and using fine materials to guarantee a top quality product.

What sets Cutler and Gross apart from other eyewear brands is its dedication to craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Each frame is carefully crafted by master craftsmen who have years of experience in the industry, and this is reflected in the quality and durability of the products.

Cutler and Gross frames are often worn by celebrities and people with a strong sense of fashion, looking for eyewear that can make a style statement. The brand's designs range from classic and refined shapes to the boldest and most futuristic proposals, adapting to different personalities and tastes.

Cutler and Gross represents excellence in the luxury eyewear sector, with a particular attention to craftsmanship and design. If you are looking for glasses that combine style, quality and comfort, this British brand is definitely the right choice.



Founded in Barcelona, Kaleos was created by Claudia Brotons and Joaquín Olivares, two creative minds who brought their passion for art and design to the universe of eyewear. The result was a brand with a strong identity, characterized by distinctive details and meticulous care in the choice of materials.

What makes Kaleos truly special is his penchant for artistic exploration. The Kaleos designers mix, in fact, classic elements with futuristic lines, creating a one-of-a-kind range of glasses, suitable both for those looking for a traditional look and for those who want to dare with a more daring and avant-garde look. From classic sunglasses to distinctively designed prescription glasses, Kaleos offers a variety of models, colors and finishes that adapt to different needs and tastes.

Kaleos glasses have quickly earned their position as true fashion icons. Celebrities, influencers and fashion lovers around the world have worn their designs, bringing the brand's distinctive elegance to catwalks and red carpets.

Kaleos pays particular attention to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the production process. Each pair of glasses is made with care and dedication, using high-quality materials to ensure durability and optimal comfort.

In addition to its commitment to innovation and style, Kaleos also embraces social and environmental responsibility. The brand is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the eyewear industry by adopting sustainable practices in the production process and promoting the responsible use of resources.

Kaleos is much more than just a brand of glasses: it is a perfect combination of elegance, style, craftsmanship and innovation. With its dedication to quality and creativity, Kaleos continues to prove itself as a point of reference in the world of eyewear fashion, confirming that glasses can be a wearable work of art to express our personality and our unique style through the eyes of innovation.



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