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Teardrop glasses are a timeless icon of eyewear around the world. With their distinctive shape and elegant design, these glasses have crossed eras and trends, always remaining at the center of fashion. In this article, we'll explore the origin, evolution, and influence of teardrop glasses, as well as provide tips on how to wear them in style.

Origins and History

Teardrop glasses, also known as "aviator" or "pilot", have origins linked to the world of aviation. In 1936, a famous sunglasses brand created the first teardrop model for US Air Force pilots. These glasses featured a lightweight frame and green lenses, designed to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays and wind during flights. In the 1960s, teardrop glasses became a symbol of rebellion and counterculture, thanks to associations with movements such as hippie and rock'n'roll. Celebrities like John Lennon helped make them a style icon.

Design and Features

Teardrop glasses are known for their distinctive shape, characterized by wide lenses that taper towards the bottom, creating a shape similar to a drop of water. The frame can be made of various materials, including metal and acetate, but metal is the most common to maintain lightness and flexibility.

One of the distinctive features of teardrop glasses is their incredible versatility. They fit a wide range of face shapes, making them a suitable accessory for everyone. However, it is important to choose the right size and shape of lenses based on your face shape. For example, slightly smaller lenses may be better suited to smaller faces, while larger lenses may be a great choice for wider faces.

How to Wear Teardrop Glasses with Style:

Teardrop glasses are much more than a simple accessory: they are a symbol of style, elegance and timeless charm that crosses generations and trends. By choosing the right pair of teardrop glasses and matching them carefully, you can add a touch of class and personality to your everyday look.


Sunglasses Gucci GG1220S


Sunglasses Jimmy Choo CARLS


Milan Fashion Week has always been a showcase of innovation and style, and this year it did not disappoint expectations. Between extravagant dresses and bold accessories, one of the elements that caught everyone's attention was the eyewear. The catwalks of Milan were illuminated by a vast range of sunglasses and eyeglasses that have redefined the concept of fashion and functionality. In this article, we will explore the main eyewear trends that emerged from Milan Fashion Week SS24 and how these are influencing the contemporary fashion scene.

Oversized Sunglasses: Exaggeration Is Trendy

One of the most striking trends to emerge from last Milan Fashion Week was the rise of oversized sunglasses. Chunky, bold frames took the catwalks by storm, bringing with them a sense of drama and confidence. Renowned brands such as Gucci have presented models with giant lenses and spectacular frames, proving that oversize is more in vogue than ever.

Sunglasses Gucci GG1178S


Sunglasses Pomellato PM0111S


Metal: Lightness without Borders

Designers have bet on metal as the key material for eyeglasses. This light and flexible material has allowed the creation of thin and delicate frames that give a touch of elegance and minimalism. Brands like Bottega Veneta and Fendi have demonstrated that lightness is not synonymous with fragility, but can embody the perfect harmony between functionality and style.

Eyewear Fendi FF0329


Color, Color, Color

One of the boldest trends to emerge from Milan Fashion Week was the bold use of color in eyewear. Vibrant frames and iridescent lenses stole the show, proving that glasses can be not only a functional accessory, but also an opportunity for artistic expression. Fendi and Gucci led this trend, presenting a range of models that embraced chromatic richness.

Eyewear Gucci GG1192O


The Revenge of Vintage: A Return to the Past

Nostalgia was a buzzword for many designers during Milan Fashion Week. Sunglasses and eyeglasses inspired by the 60s and 70s dominated the catwalks, bringing with them a retro and chic vibe. Sabato De Sarno, with his debut collection Gucci ANCORA reinterpreted the iconic styles of those years in a modern key, demonstrating that the past can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Sunglasses Gucci GG1034S


Milan Fashion Week confirmed that glasses are no longer just a visual necessity, but an expression of style and individuality. The trends that emerged from the catwalks have redefined the limits of eyewear fashion, bringing innovation, boldness and versatility to the sector. Whether oversized glasses or vintage models, one thing is certain: glasses will become increasingly fashionable, not only for what they do, but also for how they look.


In recent years, vintage clothes and accessories have gained new popularity, so much so that they have become authentic must-haves for fashion lovers all over the world. Among the most coveted objects, certified vintage collectible glasses occupy a special place. These vintage pieces not only offer a unique insight into the past, but are also testaments to styles and trends that have influenced the eyewear industry over the decades.

The Art of Vintage Eyewear

Certified vintage collectible glasses are objects of great value and charm. Each pair tells a story, reflecting the craftsmanship and design of a bygone era. Eyewear production over the decades has been influenced by cultural, social and technological changes, and owning a pair of vintage glasses means owning a small part of this history.

Certification: Guarantee of Authenticity

Buying certified vintage collectible glasses is a wise choice to guarantee authenticity and value. These glasses are carefully evaluated by industry experts, who verify their origin, age and state of conservation. An authentic certification certifies that the glasses are original and represent a valuable piece of eyewear history.

Iconic Styles That Cross Time

Vintage glasses come in a wide range of styles, each representing a unique era and aesthetic: for example, elegant 1950s butterfly sunglasses embody Hollywood glamour, while large round glasses cat shape from the 60s recall the psychedelic atmosphere of the time. Retro style lovers can find a wide range of options ranging from bold and colorful to elegant and understated.

An Investment with a Touch of Personality

In addition to the historical value and craftsmanship behind each pair, certified vintage collectible glasses offer an opportunity to express your personality through style and design. Wearing vintage glasses is a unique way to stand out from the crowd and underline your taste for fashion and culture.

Where to Find Certified Vintage Collectible Glasses

Collectible-certified vintage glasses can be found in specialty stores and through reputable online retailers. It is important to do thorough research and, if possible, request information on the origin and certification of the piece.

Owning certified vintage collectible glasses is a unique way to connect with the past and celebrate the evolution of style and design over the decades. Each pair tells a story, and wearing them is a way to preserve and honor this precious legacy. Whether it's a passion for fashion or an interest in the history of eyewear, certified vintage collectible glasses bring with them a timeless appeal that knows no boundaries.

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If you wish to sell or exchange your glasses we invite you to reserve an appointment in the shop: we will carry out a fair evaluation of your glasses, taking into account the rarity and condition, remember to bring any original cases and documents.

Taking care of your glasses is essential to ensuring clear vision and keeping them in good condition over time. Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for your glasses correctly:

By following these simple tips, you can keep your glasses clean, clear and in excellent condition to ensure clear and comfortable vision.

Take a look at our glasses accessories, designed with great care and an eye for detail, made with fine materials, to offer you a touch of class and refinement.



In the digital age we live in, we are constantly exposed to the screens of electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions. These devices emit blue light, also known as narrowband light, which can have negative effects on our long-term eye health. In this article, we will explore what blue light is, its potential risks and how to protect your eyes from damage resulting from prolonged use of digital devices through so-called blue light glasses.


Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum and has a higher frequency than other wavelengths in the spectrum. It is naturally present in sunlight and is also responsible for the brightness of the daytime sky. However, our exposure to blue light has increased dramatically with the advent of digital devices, as the screens of these devices emit a significant amount of blue light at a short distance from our eyes.


Studies have suggested that excessive exposure to blue light from digital devices can have several negative effects on eye health. Some of the potential risks include:


Fortunately, there are several measures we can take to protect our eyes from excessive exposure to blue light and reduce potential risks:


The blue light radiation emitted by artificial light sources or from TV, smartphone, tablet and PC screens can be irritating and cause strain on our eyes. When we are in a dark room, or outdoors at dusk or at night, our eyes switch to a different viewing mode. In low light conditions, the human eye switches from sensitivity to green to sensitivity to the high-energy blue spectrum. It follows that we perceive blue light more intensely and therefore can experience a sensation of greater glare.

At Ottica Rizzato we recommend the use of lenses with a specific treatment for the reduction of blue light with the aim of improving visual comfort, reducing glare, improving image contrast and consequently reducing visual fatigue, with all the related symptoms.

BlueControl is the specific treatment for ophthalmic lenses, suitable for any age group, which – in addition to maintaining all the advantages of a classic anti-reflective treatment, including optimized scratch resistance and ease of cleaning – allows the reduction of blue light in selectively corresponding to the emission peak of digital devices (445-455 nm), through a reflection of light by the surface of the lenses, guaranteeing:

In conclusion, the blue light emitted by digital devices can have negative effects on eye health, but by taking simple precautionary measures, you can protect your vision and reduce the risk of disorders related to excessive use of these devices. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle, with regular eye breaks and moderation in device use, will help preserve long-term eye health.

If you always want the best in technology: your eyes deserve the best too.

We are waiting for you in store to discover the anti-blue light protection!


Digital eye strain, also known as digital eye strain or screen fatigue, occurs when our eyes become excessively tired from prolonged use of digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and televisions. This problem has become more common with the increase in the use of electronic devices in our daily lives.

Here are some common symptoms of digital eye strain:

There are several reasons why eye strain occurs:


Hoya, a world leader in the production of high-quality prescription lenses, created SYNC lenses specifically for the use we make of digital devices today. In a recent study, 84% of people suffering from Digital Visual Strain reduced their symptoms by using HOYA lenses. *

What makes these lenses so effective for using digital devices?

The Sync accommodative lenses enable optimal distance vision and feature an “enhanced zone” (invisible) at the bottom for near vision. This area helps your eyes relax when you focus your viewing at close distances, such as with cell phones, tablets or laptops. In addition to relaxing your eyes, this area also makes it easier to focus when switching between devices. For greater comfort, add the blue light protection treatment to the Sync lenses.

*Ang, C. et al. 'Taking the strain'. Optician. 05/2017, vol. 253, no. 6600, p. 25-28.

Who are Sync lenses suitable for?


  1. Take breaks: Take frequent breaks when using digital devices and look at distant objects to relax your eyes. A simple rule to follow is the 20-20-20 technique: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away (about 6 meters).
  2. Adjust screen brightness and contrast – Be sure to adjust your monitor settings. Brightness and contrast should be natural and reflections on the screen should be absent. It is useful to have an LED screen and, possibly, anti-glare.
  3. Blink more frequently: When you sit in front of a monitor or spend time looking at a digital screen, force yourself to blink more often. Blinking lubricates the eyes with nutrients and oxygen and cleans the ocular surface. In fact, the eyelids close much less often when using digital devices.
  4. Adjust the position of the screen: Keep the screen at eye level and at a comfortable distance, about an arm's length away from your face, in the case of a desktop computer about 70 cm.
  5. Reduce blue light exposure: There are filters or apps that can reduce blue light emission from your screen.
  6. Consider using computer glasses: Specially designed glasses can help reduce digital eye strain.
  7. Adequate Lighting: Make sure you have good lighting in your surroundings while using the device. To limit the amount of overhead fluorescent lighting, use bulbs that emit natural light, preferably low wattage.
  8. Schedule time without technology: at work this could mean using a notepad perhaps during meetings instead of a laptop, or not looking at your phone during lunch or breaks. Outside of work, spend some time each day relaxing your eyes, go for a walk, and let your eyes naturally look at objects in the distance.

If you experience persistent digital eye strain or any of the symptoms listed above, consulting a Vision Professional is an important habit, to carry out a thorough check-up and to talk about any disturbances and discuss the different options in line with your needs. If you always want the best in technology: your eyes deserve the best too. We are waiting for you in store to learn about Sync accommodative support lenses: technological innovation at the service of your eyes.

Eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul and are one of the key elements that influence a person's beauty. Having bright, enchanting eyes can really make a difference in how we perceive ourselves and are perceived by others. To preserve the beauty and health of your eyes, it is essential to adopt a series of beauty secrets and daily practices. In this article, we will explore some valuable tips to make your eyes shine.

Following an eye care routine and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help preserve the beauty of your eyes and keep them in optimal condition. Always remember that eyes are precious, so take care of them and let their natural light shine in all its splendor.

Progressive lenses are an important change and a big step forward in prescription lens technology, but despite the advanced technology, there are many false myths about the difficulty of adapting to this type of lens. For some people, wearing progressive glasses can be a bit more of a transition than others. These glasses, also known as multifocal glasses, offer clear vision at different distances, but require a short adjustment period. There are different experiences on the adaptation to progressive glasses, the most common concerns the use of stairs and the feeling of discomfort when walking along them with the use of standard progressive lenses. In this article, we will explore some valuable tips to make this transition smooth and hassle-free and see how important customization is. With the right mindset and some simple practices, you can easily get used to progressive glasses.


The crucial first step in getting used to progressive glasses is to make sure you have had a professional eye exam; a qualified optician or ophthalmologist will assess your vision needs and prescribe the right progressive glasses for you. Be sure to openly communicate any vision difficulties or symptoms you are experiencing to get the most accurate prescription possible.


Wearing progressive glasses regularly is essential to get used to them quickly. Some people may feel tempted to take off their glasses when they experience difficulty, but this will only slow down the adaptation process. Wear your glasses all day, even if they may feel a little uncomfortable at first. Over time, they will become a natural part of your daily routine.


At first, try to get used to progressive glasses in familiar and comfortable environments. Walk around the house, read a book or watch television. Focus on adjusting your gaze between the different zones of the glasses: the upper part for long distance vision, the central part for intermediate vision and the lower part for near vision. As you gain confidence it will be easier to use them in more complex situations.


Learn to move your head and eyes smoothly while looking at objects at different distances. One of the initial challenges is the need to adjust your gaze to get the correct focus. Instead of just moving your eyes, try turning your head slightly when looking at something in particular. Over time, this movement will become natural and will help sharpen your vision with progressive glasses.


The process of adapting to progressive glasses requires patience and constant practice. You may encounter some difficulties at the beginning, such as a feeling of distortion or particular visual effects. However, it is essential to give your brain time to adapt to the new vision correction. Don't be discouraged and continue to wear them every day, as your brain will gradually adapt to multifocal vision.


If after some time you still have difficulty getting used to progressive glasses, do not hesitate to consult with your optician. Sometimes, small adjustments in the frame or prescription can make a difference. An experienced optician will be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure clear and comfortable vision.


The “corridor” is the area of the progressive lens where the prescription/power changes to allow you to see from far to intermediate to near. It is important to know that progressive lenses, including corridor, can be customized to suit your lifestyle to be more effective. When choosing new progressive lenses, make sure the solution is right for you. The more the design (i.e. the corridor) is adapted to your visual needs, the easier and faster you will use your new glasses! But what does personalized mean in a nutshell? If you spend a lot of time reading books, looking at screens, or looking at objects close to your face, you'll need lenses that focus more on near correction. If you alternatively spend most of your time outdoors, you won't need the same level of support for close objects and your lenses will focus more on far and intermediate distances.


A pair of appropriately personalized progressive glasses adapts perfectly to your life and will, for example, be a valid ally while you prepare a fantastic dinner in the kitchen, alternating reading the recipe, preparing the food, setting the table… welcoming the guests. guests! Although at Ottica Rizzato we want to dispel the myth according to which one pair of glasses is enough for all daily activities, with progressive lenses you certainly won't have to constantly change glasses, but remember that in any case for specific occasions you will need a second or third pair of equally specific glasses, such as, for example, polarized sunglasses for a day outdoors or a pair of specific computer glasses when you spend a lot of time in front of the PC screen. Ultimately, progressive lenses free you from reading glasses for rest on the nose and with single vision lenses that involve an uncomfortable "on/off" process, while at the same time offering you clear vision at any distance and an extraordinary breadth of vision. Wearing progressive glasses can take some getting used to, but with effort and consistency, they will become an effective vision solution. Don't be discouraged if it takes some time to adjust; the process is different for everyone. Follow our suggestions and over time you will feel comfortable with progressive glasses, enjoying clear, sharp vision at all distances. The fluidity and customization of progressive lenses will also guarantee you completely new visual comfort and an increasingly agile adaptation.

At Ottica Rizzato we will remain at your disposal even after the sale, advising you on how to best use and preserve your new glasses!

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If you are thinking of starting to put together your glasses wardrobe, the first thing to do is start your search with the pair of glasses you think you will wear the most. Compromising on the choice of frame is never the winning move and models that are too cheap risk breaking extremely easily because they are made with poor quality materials, even causing irritation to the skin.

When you decide to invest in a pair of glasses, the choice isn't just based on aesthetics: you're investing in quality craftsmanship, sustainable manufacturing processes and a better fit. With this in mind, at Ottica Rizzato we have selected three independent eyewear brands for you, which are worth your investment. Key collectible pieces, which with the right care will last a long time.


Cazal eyeglasses and sunglasses represent an icon of style and innovation in the world of eyewear: founded in 1975 by designer Carl Zalloni, the German fashion house Cazal has become famous over time for its ability to combine bold design and high quality materials, creating unique and exclusive glasses.

The main distinctive elements of Cazal glasses are the iconic design and the 18-20 Kt gold plating: the glasses have, in fact, bold lines, expressive shapes and elaborate details that make them true pieces of art to wear on the face. The designer was inspired by hip-hop culture and the artistic movements of the 80s, bringing unprecedented creative energy to the world of eyewear.

Cazal glasses have quickly become a symbol of luxury and style, favored by celebrities, musicians, and fashion icons around the world. Wearing a pair of Cazal glasses has become a hallmark of bold personality and refined taste in fashion. Not only celebrities, but also eyewear enthusiasts and fashion lovers appreciate Cazal glasses for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each pair of Cazal glasses is crafted with care and precision, reflecting the craftsmanship that has characterized the brand for over forty years.

Cazal glasses remain an undisputed icon of fashion and luxury eyewear. Their history, distinctive design and quality craftsmanship have made them coveted by eyewear enthusiasts around the world. Carl Zalloni left a lasting legacy in the fashion industry and his creative spirit lives on in the innovative designs that continue to inspire the world of eyewear. Wearing a pair of Cazal glasses is wearing a true work of art that embodies bold style and individuality.



Cutler and Gross is a British luxury eyewear brand known for its high-quality, handcrafted eyeglasses and sunglasses. Founded in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, the company has earned a reputation over time for its unique designs with a classic style: each pair of glasses is made with attention to detail and using fine materials to guarantee a top quality product.

What sets Cutler and Gross apart from other eyewear brands is its dedication to craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Each frame is carefully crafted by master craftsmen who have years of experience in the industry, and this is reflected in the quality and durability of the products.

Cutler and Gross frames are often worn by celebrities and people with a strong sense of fashion, looking for eyewear that can make a style statement. The brand's designs range from classic and refined shapes to the boldest and most futuristic proposals, adapting to different personalities and tastes.

Cutler and Gross represents excellence in the luxury eyewear sector, with a particular attention to craftsmanship and design. If you are looking for glasses that combine style, quality and comfort, this British brand is definitely the right choice.



Founded in Barcelona, Kaleos was created by Claudia Brotons and Joaquín Olivares, two creative minds who brought their passion for art and design to the universe of eyewear. The result was a brand with a strong identity, characterized by distinctive details and meticulous care in the choice of materials.

What makes Kaleos truly special is his penchant for artistic exploration. The Kaleos designers mix, in fact, classic elements with futuristic lines, creating a one-of-a-kind range of glasses, suitable both for those looking for a traditional look and for those who want to dare with a more daring and avant-garde look. From classic sunglasses to distinctively designed prescription glasses, Kaleos offers a variety of models, colors and finishes that adapt to different needs and tastes.

Kaleos glasses have quickly earned their position as true fashion icons. Celebrities, influencers and fashion lovers around the world have worn their designs, bringing the brand's distinctive elegance to catwalks and red carpets.

Kaleos pays particular attention to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the production process. Each pair of glasses is made with care and dedication, using high-quality materials to ensure durability and optimal comfort.

In addition to its commitment to innovation and style, Kaleos also embraces social and environmental responsibility. The brand is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the eyewear industry by adopting sustainable practices in the production process and promoting the responsible use of resources.

Kaleos is much more than just a brand of glasses: it is a perfect combination of elegance, style, craftsmanship and innovation. With its dedication to quality and creativity, Kaleos continues to prove itself as a point of reference in the world of eyewear fashion, confirming that glasses can be a wearable work of art to express our personality and our unique style through the eyes of innovation.



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